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At just 18, SINEM the extraordinary German/Turkish singer is set to mesmerize the world with her unparalleled voice. Winne of the "Deutscher Rock & Pop Award" 2020 in all categories, including "Best Voice" SINEM is a rising star, destined for greatness. 



1. "Salt in my Blood" (24.11.23)

2. "Carnival" (19.01.24)

3. "Salt in my Blood 1.1" (22.03.24)


Crafted with renowned songwriters & producers Nina Chuba, Charlie McClean,

Esther Graf and Jumpa these Singles are gonna showcase SINEM versatile talent and unique style, spanning influencis from Etta James to Mimi Webb, Adele and Rene Rapp. 


SINEM's voice, a force that transcends genres, reflects the maturity and depth of a seasoned artist despite her young age. Prepare to be captivated as she unveils her debut singles, atestament to her exeptional artistary

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